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2009-07-15 13:16 by elfa (letto 507 volte)
- This intimate journey into the enchanting world of Monica Marengo (stage name: Monica Shannon) isa perfect testimony to the heights of technical and creative professionalism to which an independentartist can aspire today............

Album: Beyond 9
Artist: Monica Shannon


This intimate journey into the enchanting world of Monica Marengo (stage name: Monica Shannon) is a perfect testimony to the heights of technical and creative professionalism to which an independent artist can aspire today.

Gifted with a sensual voice and thoughts to share, and backed up by an organised and well-equipped technical team, Monica has no difficulty in pinning her heart on her sleeve regarding human existence, human relationships and global issues, and in letting her thoughts be known to the world at large.

Her lyrics slide smoothly on a musical background dominated by piano, keyboards and rhythms that provides depth, breadth and variety to each track without ever entering into competition with the voice and message of the artist herself.

The Celtic (Irish) influences are evident from the opening tracks and openly declared in the choice of stage name and the artist’s decision to sing almost exclusively in English, but the Mediterranean influences do not pass unnoticed in the musical arrangement of the tracks and in the artists’s warm and endearing accent.

The album “Beyond 9” draws on Monica’s personal experiences and the experiences of those who are close to her in her daily life and is a sort of concept album based around the four elements: earth, air, water and fire.
It matters little, however, whether or not this is clear to the listener as the album remains, above all, a delicate insight into the private thoughts of a sensitive soul concerned for man, the future of the world and its precarious inhabitants.

In the artist’s own words:

“The Island” and “Up and Down” are inspired by the sea and its creatures.
“The Island” is dedicated to an enchanting place in Ireland, the Skellig Rocks.
“Up and Down” draws its origin from my love for whales.
It was written during my journey to the Azores islands in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean.

“Marina’a Tale” and “Soul Portrait” talk about love at first sight, strong emotions and boundless passion.
“Marina’s Tale” is the adventure that my friend experienced in Australia, a marvellous place so faraway from our everyday lives.
“Soul Portrait” is a love story, an undeclared love that unveils the soul of my best friend.

“The Iron Train”, “The Shadows among the Trees” and “I’m Aware” are about everyday realities and how important it is to find the meaning in our lives.

The Iron Train is the longest train in the world, a goods train carrying iron ore from the heart of Mauritania to the Alantic ocean on the west coast of Africa.

For the local people it is the “train of hope”. Travelling through the desert three times a week, they lie on the iron for up to 16 hours in the hope of receiving a few coins and a piece of bread.

Unfortunately it is true, unfortunately it is real…

“The Shadows among the Trees” is dedicated to all our dreams, reminding us that we should never stop following them if we want to find the meaning of our lives.

“I’m Aware” is a letter that my friend Marina wrote after travelling to Laos, one of the many African countries whose people are threatened every day by unexploded landmines.
This song is dedicated to all those people who devote their lives every day to helping and to saving others.

“My Sheltering Sky” and “Infinita Infinità” are inspired by our instincts and their origins.
“My Sheltering Sky” is our spiritual guide: when we make a choice we are never alone.
“Infinita Infinità” is our soul and its immensity.

Review by Tony Lawson

Music from the heart of the mediterranean

Somojo Magazine July 2009


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